Institute for Research on Suffering of the Serbs in XX c.

At least 8.504 Serbs were killed in Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995. This is the number of victims with known names, surnames, dates of birth and death, plus 856 who are missing. These are not the final figures.


Rajlovac attacker shouted "Allah Akbar"
Friday, 20 November 2015
SARAJEVO, November 18 /SRNA/ - Enes Omeragic, who committed the attack in Rajlovac according to the media, shouted "Allah Akbar” during the shooting at the soldiers, learns SRNA.

According to an information that SRNA received, the attacker was born in 1981 and resides in Sokolj, near Sarajevo.

Two soldiers of the BiH Armed Forces were killed in a shootout that occurred on Wednesday night in Rajlovac, Sarajevo.

The killer walked into a nearby bet shop, killed two soldiers, then walked out the bet shop and started shooting at the bus, in which the third soldier was wounded.
America's 'enemies within': How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in last
Wednesday, 18 November 2015
By Ben Ashford For

Published: 14:19 GMT, 18 November 2015 | Updated: 23:06 GMT, 18 November 2015

Immigrants: All six charged in the case were from Bosnia, including Nihad Rosic (left) and Jasminka Ramic (right), who has pleaded guilty
US authorities have charged at least 66 men and women with ISIS-related terror plots on American soil – including a handful of refugees, Daily Mail Online can reveal.
The terror group has set its sights on Washington, D.C. as it vows to further infiltrate the West and ramp up its blood-soaked offensive.President Obama insists that 'slamming the door' on Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS would be a betrayal of American values. But 34 governors are refusing to take in any more, in case jihadi fighters slip into their states and repeat the carnage of Paris. Analysis by Daily Mail Online reveals that a handful of foiled plots have already involved immigrants accused of harboring sympathy for ISIS.
The threat also comes from within, with American teenagers and Islamic converts among those seduced by the group’s torrent of chilling online propaganda. They include a U.S. Air Force veteran accused of waging war on the country he once served and a National Guard soldier who allegedly plotted to gun down his own colleagues.
Others are seemingly ordinary American citizens, including a young nurse, a pizza parlor boss and schoolgirls tricked into becoming shrouded ISIS brides. Some have conspired to travel or send friends abroad to link up with fundamentalist fighters while others have planned for jihad closer to home - with Capitol Hill among the targets for a foiled bombing raid.

Bosnia asked to "check persons and activities" after attacks
Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Source: Beta Monday, November 16, 2015 
Police agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina have received requests from Interpol to check "some persons and activities" in connection with the Paris attacks.

That was announced by the head of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mirsad Vilic, who noted that these requests "do not apply to citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina." According to him, surveillance is in place over "persons of security interest" who are located in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A meeting of the Task Working Group on Combating Terrorism was held in Sarajevo. It consists of representatives of the Prosecutor's Office and intelligence and police structures in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the two entities - the Serb Republic (RS) and the Muslim-Croat Federation (FBiH).

Bosnian Security Minister Dragan Mektic said there was "strong cooperation with French intelligence services and police agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Serbian Orthodox Grammar School students stoned in Zagreb
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
10 Novembar 2015

Students of the Serbian Orthodox Grammar School in Zagreb have been stoned and subjected to nationalist insults by a group of peers from a nearby school, the Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana of the Serbian Orthodox Church said in a statement on Tuesday.

ZAGREB - Students of the Serbian Orthodox Grammar School in Zagreb have been stoned and subjected to nationalist insults by a group of peers from a nearby school, the Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana of the Serbian Orthodox Church said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement said that the students were physically attacked last Friday on their way to school after the attackers shouted nationalist insults at them in a public transport bus, hurling stones in the street and as they entered the schoolyard.

Declaration on Genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma adopted
Friday, 23 October 2015
BANJALUKA, October 21 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Parliament today adopted a Declaration on Genocide Committed by the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/ against the Serbs, Jews and Roma in WWII.

The Declaration says that crimes committed by the Ustashe against Serbs, Jews and Roma during WWII in the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/ represent a planned genocide.

700,000 Serbs, 23,000 Jews and 80,000 Roma were tortured, looted, raped and finally murdered in the Jasenovac system of Croatian concentration camps for the extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma and opponents of the Ustashe regime.

The Declaration says that the Independent State of Croatia was the only country in WWII which had concentration camps for the extermination of children, and they were in Stara Gradiska, Jasenovac, Ustica, Jablanac, Jastrebarsko, Rijeka near Jastrebarsko, Gornja Rijeka near Krizevci and Lobograd.

According to an incomplete research, 42,791 Serbian children, 5,737 Roma children and 3,710 Jewish children were killed there.

The Declaration also says that the crime of genocide in the Independent State of Croatia, by its proportions, is equal to the Holocaust which the Nazi Germany committed against the Jews.
Sarajevo: Bosnian Imam known as jihadist calls for destruction of the Republic of Serbska
Friday, 18 September 2015
Posted on September 8, 2015 by Grey Carter

Jihad and Muslim extremism in Bosnia –  Every now and then from Sarajevo’s King Fahd mosque public  invitations to Allah to destroy one of the two entities of Bosnia i Hercegovina occure.

Nezim Halilovic,  imam of the mosque of King Fahd in Sarajevo, in his last sermon, (religious lecture),  called upon Allah to demolish the Republic of Serbska, or as he said, “entity built on crime and genocide”. ( very popular terms among Bosnian Muslims with purpose to justify any future attack, murder or possible Islamic terror vs. Serbska).  These words were said urbi et orbi on Friday.

It is rather strange that person who is a spiritual leader, that should spread peace and tolerance, invites for the second jihad in 25 years. However, the access to the King Fahd Mosque for media and the police is strictly forbidden (?!)  and information about sermons leaks to the public when those who attend them begin to praise what  Halilovic have said.

As for the King Fahd Mosque, it  is the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its construction cost 22 million marks. The construction was financed by Saudi Arabia, and it was opened in 2000, after two years of construction. It has a usable area of 1,830 square meters. Two minarets were at the height of 46 meters. The exterior façade is covered with marble tiles. It is located in the center of Sarajevo, in Alipasino polje.