Institute for Research on Suffering of the Serbs in XX c.

At least 8225 Serbs were killed in Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995. This is the number of victims with known names, surnames, dates of birth and death, plus 860 who are missing. These are not the final figures.


Protest to Vatican over intent to declare Alojzije Stepinac saint
Monday, 17 February 2014
Published On: Sat, Feb 15th, 2014 |  By InSerbia Team

ZAGREB – Alen Budaj, an associate of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, has said that the countries that are legal successors to the former Yugoslavia, Serbia in particular, must send a strong diplomatic protest to the Vatican over its intention declare Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac a saint.

The Vatican has officially confirmed that Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac will soon be declared a saint.

Immediately upon the entering of the Germans in Zagreb, on April 10, 1941, Stepinac supported the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (ISC), which was declared a state by the Ustasha (Croatian fascist movement), and in 1945, he fought for the preservation of the regime headed by Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic.

Budaj believes that a protest against sanctifying Stepinac, who took part in the creation and implementation of NDH ideas during World War II, needs to be made even at the cost of breaking off diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

Sensational confession of Ibran Mustafic, Bosnian Muslim war veteran and politician:
Sunday, 02 February 2014
We were killing our own people in Srebrenica
There Must be Justice - Posted on January 23, 2014 by Grey Carter

Ibran Mustafic: Planirani haos - Photo by There Must be Justice
At least 1,000 Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica were killed by their compatriots during the breakthrough to Tuzla in July 1995, because there were lists of those who ” have to be prevented from reaching the freedom,at any cost” said one of the founders of the SDA in Srebrenica, Ibran Mustafic .

**   Ibran Mustafic is the author of  the book “Planned chaos” whereas some of the crimes committed by soldiers of the (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Serbs  are for the first time recognized and described, as well as the permanent Western illegal arm shipment to Bosnian Muslim separatisis before and during the war, and what’s significant, even during the period when Srebrenica was demilitarized zone under UN protection.  Mustafic tells about inter Muslim clashes and general  debauchery  in the municipality which has been ruled by mafia under the Bosniak military commander, Naser Oric .  Because of the torture of ordinary people in 1994. when Oric and local authorities were selling humanitarian aid   at exorbitant prices – instead of giving it out to those in need – many Bosnians voluntarily fled Srebrenica . “Those who sought salvation through Serbia, managed to arrive at their final destination , and those who  fled towards Tuzla (ruled by Muslim army)  were persecuted “   Mustafic unveils.

Former Bosnia prison camp guard to be extradited from US to face war crimes charges
Wednesday, 18 September 2013
By Larry O'Dell, The Associated Press September 17, 2013
RICHMOND, Va. - A former Bosnian prison camp guard living in the U.S. has been certified for extradition to his native country to face war-crimes charges, pending approval by the State Department.

Almaz Nezirovic is charged with torturing Serbians at the Rabic prison camp in 1992 during the civil war in the region of the former Yugoslavia now known as Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnian officials charge that Nezirovic beat, humiliated and traumatized unarmed civilian prisoners.

In an opinion issued late Monday, a U.S. Magistrate judge said he found sufficient evidence supporting the allegations. He certified Nezirovic as eligible for extradition and passed the request along to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who will decide whether Nezirovic will be returned to Bosnia for trial.

"Almaz Nezirovic stands charged with horrific acts of torture by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina," U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said. "Today's ruling moves this matter one step closer to ultimate resolution in that country."
Jadovno and Jazovka cannot be equalized
Monday, 02 September 2013
The founder of the Students’ Association “Dr Milan Vasic” from Banjaluka, Predrag Lozo, told SRNA that the observance of the European Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes in Jazovka and Jadovno equalizes the victims and holocaust and genocide with the victims of totalitarian regimes. He said that the Gospic - Jadovno – Pag death camps had been established at the same time when NDH came into existence, lasted for 132 days and, according to researches, engulfed 40.123 victims

Report by: Darko TERZIC

BELGRADE, September 1 /SRNA/ - Acting head of the Belgrade-based Museum of Victims of Genocide, Veljko Djuric Misina, says that there is no historical foundations to equalize Jadovno and Jazovka as Croatian officials did the other day marking the European Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes.
Dozens of Jihadists from Sandzak fight in Syria
Friday, 30 August 2013
Blic team | 29. 08. 2013. - 02:00h |

Several dozens of Muslims from Serbia belong to the ‘Jihad Warriors’ involved in fighting in the Islamic countries. Majority of them is concentrated in Sandzak and about thirty of them from that region have been already recruited for war in Syria on the side of the rebels.

A police official from Novi Pazar who insisted on anonymity confirmed to Blic that ‘the police are aware of the existence of that group’ but adds that ‘some other services are dealing with its activities’.

‘The only thing that the police are interested in is how they shall behave when they return to the country. The police are not dealing with what they are doing abroad’, he says.

There are no precise data about the number of the followers of that extremist movement in Serbia, but it is estimated that there are dozens of them, mainly from Sandzak.