Institute for Research on Suffering of the Serbs in XX c.

On the territory of the Srebrenica municipality, 3,287 Serbs were killed or died after horrible torture between 1992 and 1995. This is not the final figure.

New View of Bosnian War in Book "Komandant" by Bojan Dimmitrijevic
Saturday, 10 February 2018
BELGRADE, February 9 /SRNA/ - The publishing company Vukotic Media has published a biography of General Ratko Mladic titled “Komandant” /Commander/ by Bojan Dimitrijevic, which sheds light on Mladic’s military career and offers a fresh view of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The book is based on numerous documents, speeches, orders, press releases, minutes of the meetings of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and in more than 300 pages and nine chapters gives an overview of the career of the soldier and General Mladic, starting with his days as a student of the Military Academy in Belgrade until he end of the war in BiH and his extradition to the Hague war crimes tribunal.

“There aren’t many political assessments, no conclusions. It’s a military biography yet I must say that the biography reveals the setting and the whole atmosphere in which all those things happened unfortunately quite tragically, but in the end, like the General says himself in his main messages, as a result of that struggle we now have Republika Srpska,” director of Vukotic Media Manojlo Manja Vukotic told Srna.
Rude Political Propaganda, We should Protest and write to Freeman
Wednesday, 07 February 2018
BELGRADE, February 6 /SRNA/ - Renowned Serbian journalist and columnist Ljiljana Smajlovic has told SRNA that a National Geographic’s documentary, in which Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman claims that Serbs are to blame for the war in the former Yugoslavia, genocide and ethnic cleansing, is being used for a rude political propaganda and that we should protest against it.

She has said that Serbs should write to both the National Geographic and Morgan Freemen to express their protest against the documentary “The Story of Us,” in which they are accused of the war, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Greif: Exibition equalising Victims and Murderers must be replaced Urgently
Monday, 05 February 2018
BELGRADE, February 4 /SRNA/ - Israeli historian Gideon Greif warns that the present exhibition at the Memorial Complex in Jasenovac must urgently be replaced because it gives a wrong and distorted picture of the atrocities Ustashas committed in the concentration camp so you can’t tell the criminal from the victim.

"The visitors are misled about the number of victims, the manners of torture, humiliation and brutal murders of camp prisoners,” said Greif.

He told the Belgrade Vecernje Novosti daily that world historiography has the duty to maintain the memory of the genocide that Ustashas committed against the Serbs, Jews, Roma, Sinti and anti-fascists at Jasenovac.

People at The Hague publically speak that General was convicted for Srebrenica Without Proof
Thursday, 01 February 2018
BELGRADE, February 1 /SRNA/ - A team of lawyers and the family of Gen. Ratko Mladic appealed today to the Serbian and Republika Srpska governments and presidents to use their diplomatic influence in the world to enable Gen. Ratko Mladic to be treated in Serbia in order to save his life, and warned that people at The Hague started publically speaking that the General was convicted for Srebrenica without proof.

Gen. Mladic’s lawyers and his son Darko Mladic have said at a press conference in Belgrade that Jonas Nielsen, the chief assistant to ICTY Judge Alfons Orie, said publically yesterday at an expert lecture at The Hague that they did not have proof against Mladic for Srebrenica.

JD Seeks to Obtain Denaturalization of Man with Alleged Participation in Balcan Conflict
Saturday, 20 January 2018

Justice Department Seeks to Obtain Denaturalization of Man with Alleged Participation in Extrajudicial Killings during the Balkans Conflict

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The United States today filed a civil denaturalization complaint in the Northern District of Iowa against a 51-year old man who allegedly obtained his naturalized U.S. citizenship by fraud, the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced.

Eso Razic, a native of the former Yugoslavia and subsequently a citizen of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, allegedly concealed his service in multiple paramilitary organizations during the conflict in the Balkans in the early 1990s.  The United States alleges that while serving as a member of those combatant groups, Razic participated in the extrajudicial killing of three individuals, including a wounded prisoner of war.  The complaint alleges that Razic fraudulently obtained permanent resident status and citizenship by misrepresenting and concealing his membership in and conduct with these groups.
Witness saw Elfeta slitting Boy's Throat
Friday, 15 December 2017
SARAJEVO, December 14 /SRNA/ - A protected witness of the BiH Prosecutor's Office “S-1” has said he saw Elfeta Veseli slitting Slobodan Stojanovic's throat, but did not see when she fired once or twice from a gun she pressed to boy’s head.

In the continuation of the Elfeta Vesela and Sakib Halilovic trial for the killing of 12-year-old boy Slobodan Stojanovic in 1992 near Zvornik, through the video link from Belgrade the witness described the events that preceded this terrible crime.

At the beginning of today's hearing, the witness said that he and approximately 100-120 members of the Fikret Mustafic Squipetar’s unit started in July 1992 from Cerska to take part in Kamenica operation in order to "liberate the area so the young and weak could get out of Srebrenica."